How A 4th Of July Meal Exposes The Coronavirus Risk For Thousands Of US Food Workers

Hundreds of workers may have contracted COVID-19 to get you the food on your plate this 4th of July. Some may have even died. A BuzzFeed News investigation exposes the cost of your BBQ.

They Lost Their Loved Ones To COVID-19. Then The Government Lost Their Remains.

“I feel humiliated. We were doubly hit: not given medical attention and not given the body of our father.”

India Just Banned TikTok

The government ordered 59 Chinese-owned apps to be blocked following border clashes with China that left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

A contemporary sculpture of Alexander the Great and an artistic rendering of what he'd look like today

The Artist Who Showed Us What Historical Figures Would Look Like If They Were Alive Today Is Back

From the distant past to 2020.

25 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the surge in coronavirus cases around the globe to the demand for racial justice and equality in the US, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

Trump's Visa Ban Has Sent Foreign Workers And Families In A Panic: "We Don't Know What Else To Do"

“I was devastated. We never imagined this would occur."

A Judge Blocked The Deportation Of A 16-Year-Old Boy Who Claims Trump Is Using The Coronavirus As An Excuse

Attorneys say the Honduran boy is trying to join his father in the US after witnessing a murder and then being threatened by a gang.

DACA Recipients Are Shocked And Relieved After The Supreme Court Ruled Against Trump

"The rush of relief I felt in that moment is indescribable and all I could do was cry to my parents. We didn’t expect this decision at all."

There Are 68 World Flags With Stars On Them, But It'll Take A Genius To Figure Out Which Ones

This is your time to shine!

Woman in a crowd absolutely covered in tomatoes (and their juices) at a tomato festival in Spain

13 Traditions And Customs You Probably Didn't Know Existed In Other Countries

Birthday rituals, taboo moves, and everything in between.

The Trump Administration Will Soon Deny Work Permits For Asylum-Seekers Who Enter The US Without Authorization

The policy will also block work permits for asylum-seekers who do not file for protections within one year of arrival in the US.

Thousands Of Gig Workers Can’t Make A Living Unless They Install A Controversial Contact Tracing App First

Workers say the platforms are exploiting them by making it mandatory to install the Indian government's contact tracing app.

In Case You Missed It: Australia Just Launched A Local #ShareTheMicNow Campaign And Here's What Happened

The time is long overdue to let Blak people lead the dialogue on Blak issues.

He Trains Cops On Riot Control. He Admits He “Fluffed Up” His Résumé.

Geoff Perrin acknowledges he inflated his résumé, but says it hasn’t helped him get work with American police departments “because they just go, ‘What do you guys know about guns?’”

A Black Lives Matter Protester Was Shot At A Demonstration In Albuquerque

“The shooting tonight was a tragic, outrageous, and unacceptable act of violence and it has no place in our city."

Dozens Of Police Stood Guard Over A Statue Of James Cook And The Internet Tore Them A New One

"Imagine if the police put this much effort into protecting the lives of Indigenous Australians."

A Viral Tweet Has Revealed The "Economic Racism" Faced By Remote Aboriginal Communities

"We can’t say that Aboriginal groups don’t have access to their own land, which was illegally stolen from them in the first place, and then charge them an absolute bloody fortune to live there."

There Are 25 Countries That Begin With "S" But I Bet You Can't Name 12

Most people can't even name 10!

Immigrants Delayed By The Coronavirus Are Suing To Be Naturalized In Time To Vote In The Presidential Election

Attorneys are worried their clients won’t be able to complete the last step to obtain US citizenship in time to register to vote in October after the pandemic sidelined scheduled ceremonies.

They Refused To Censor Their Podcasts. Apple Removed Them From Its Chinese App Store.

Apple made over $13 billion from China in the first three months of 2020 alone.

Meyne Wyatt's Monologue On Racial Inequality Needs To Be Taught In Schools Across Australia

"Silence is violence. Complacency is complicity."

Statues In The US And Around The World Are Being Beheaded And Torn Down Amid Black Lives Matter Protests

In the US, UK, and elsewhere, public monuments commemorating people with backgrounds linked to slavery and racism are being toppled by angry demonstrators.

42 Of The Most Powerful Photos From Black Lives Matter Protests Around Australia

Australia stands with Bla(c)k communities around the world.

Here Are 33 Of The Best Protest Signs From Sydney's Rally This Weekend

"My skin shouldn't be a death sentence."

Police In Latin America Are Using The Coronavirus To Abuse Their Power

A Mexican man was found dead from blunt trauma to the head after being detained by the police for not wearing a mask in public.

13 Getaway Spots That Are Less Than Two Hours From Brisbane

Let's get out of the city.

A Popular QAnon Twitter Account That Claims To Have Explosive DC Dirt Is Really Just A Random Italian Guy

"Greg Rubini" isn't the person he claims to be.

Twitter And Snapchat Are Reining Trump In. Critics Want Them To Do It To Politicians Around The World.

“Politicians in many places have posted worse."

Facebook Will Begin Labeling Posts From State-Controlled Media

The social network also said it will start blocking some ads in the US starting later this summer.

John Boyega: “They Want Things To Go Back To Normal That Ain’t Happening.”

"It's about dismantling white supremacy from the ground all the way up," Boyega told BuzzFeed News after delivering an impassioned speech to the crowd.