New York's Attorney General Ordered The Black Lives Matter Foundation To Stop Collecting Money

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation into donor confusion between the California-based foundation and the Black Lives Matter movement, authorities are stepping in.

Police Departments Are Using Gunshot-Tracking Technology To Pinpoint Fireworks

ShotSpotter was designed to pinpoint gunshots. Now police are using it to find people setting off illegal fireworks.

Facebook Has Been Profiting From Boogaloo Ads Promoting Civil War And Unrest

Facebook said on Tuesday it was banning content associated with the "Boogaloo" extremist group. BuzzFeed News found the company has been running Boogaloo ads advocating for violence for months.

India Just Banned TikTok

The government ordered 59 Chinese-owned apps to be blocked following border clashes with China that left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Jenna Marbles Said She’s Quitting YouTube Over Past Racist Videos

“I want to make sure the things that I put into the world are not hurting anyone,” she said a new video.

Almost 17,000 Protesters Had No Idea A Tech Company Was Tracing Their Location

Data company Mobilewalla used cellphone information to estimate the demographics of protesters. Sen. Elizabeth Warren says it’s “shady” and concerning.

Boston Just Banned Its Government From Using Facial Recognition Technology

Citing “racial bias in facial surveillance,” the Boston City Council voted unanimously to stop the use of facial recognition by public agencies.

Boompilled: Fireworks Conspiracy Theories Are Bursting Across The Internet

There's no evidence that the fireworks lighting up US cities are caused by anything other than oversupply and understimulation. That hasn't stopped the conspiracies.

Here Are The Things You Need To Know From Apple's Big June Event

Shiny new updates for your shiny Apple toys.

Tesla Told Employees On Juneteenth That It's A Holiday, But They Still Had To Use PTO

"It does require use of a paid-time-off day, which is true of many other holidays," Elon Musk said.

Black Lives Matter Activists Say They're Being Silenced By Facebook

As the platform regulates speech, social justice advocates want it to stop perpetuating the same structures of racism they experience offline.

Facebook Removed Trump Campaign Ads That Invoked Nazi Symbols

But one lawmaker had more tough questions for the company.

Facebook Is Suing Two Developers It Says Sold Fake Likes And Scraped User Data

It’s the latest example of Facebook suing people it says have abused its platform.

Trump Is Proposing Stripping Social Media Sites Of The Discretion To Remove “Objectionable” Content

The president is following through on his threat to "strongly regulate" social media companies.

People In Brooklyn Were Setting Off Fireworks. Then Police Showed Up In Riot Gear.

Monday’s incident is a sign of the tension between police and the community after officers violently broke up peaceful protests around the city weeks before — and tension around gentrification in the community itself.

The UK May Ban Tear Gas Sales To The US

A letter signed by 166 members of Parliament calls for the UK to stop selling riot control weapons to US police departments.

Microsoft Says It Won't Sell Facial Recognition To The Police. These Documents Show How It Pitched That Technology To The Federal Government.

Last week, Microsoft said it would not sell its facial recognition to police departments. But new documents reveal it was pitching that technology to at least one federal agency as recently as two years ago.

Thousands Of Gig Workers Can’t Make A Living Unless They Install A Controversial Contact Tracing App First

Workers say the platforms are exploiting them by making it mandatory to install the Indian government's contact tracing app.

Facebook And Instagram Will Let You Turn Off Political Ads

“For those of you who’ve already made up your minds and just want the election to be over, we hear you."

Six eBay Staffers Have Been Charged With Disturbing Harassment Of A Couple Who Criticized The Company

After a bloody pig mask was sent to the couple's home, an eBay employee allegedly sent a message to one of the victims asking, "DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW."

"The Black Lives Matter Foundation" Raised Millions. It's Not Affiliated With The Black Lives Matter Movement.

Employees of Apple, Google, and Microsoft have raised millions of dollars for the Black Lives Matter Foundation thinking it's the international racial justice movement seeking to end police brutality. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Black Lives Matter,” Say These Companies That Sell Skin Lightening Products

"We believe Black people should have the right to live without fear,” wrote Olay on Instagram — at the same time it sold "White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence."

Amazon, IBM, And Microsoft Won’t Say Which Police Departments Used Their Facial Recognition Technology

Activists are worried about several key questions that remain unanswered.

Many Police Departments Have Software That Can Identify People In Crowds

BriefCam, a facial recognition and surveillance video analysis company, sells the ability to surveil protesters and enforce social distancing — without the public knowing.

15 Tweets About The New Playstation 5 That Had Me Cackling

Still gonna buy it tho...

Peloton Warehouse Workers Begged Not To Do Home Deliveries During The Pandemic

Internal Peloton message board comments reveal fear among employees asked to deliver Peloton equipment to homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

They Refused To Censor Their Podcasts. Apple Removed Them From Its Chinese App Store.

Apple made over $13 billion from China in the first three months of 2020 alone.

Amazon Is Suspending Police Use Of Its Facial Recognition Tech For One Year

The company is joining IBM, but it doesn't mean Amazon is totally out of the facial recognition business.

Twitter Says You Have To Read This Article Before You Tweet It

The feature will be tested on Android phones.

Coronavirus Contact Tracers Are Facing Death Threats And Comparisons To Nazis On Facebook And YouTube

"Contact tracers are the new Gestapo," one post said.