America’s “Patchwork Pandemic” Is Why We Haven’t Gotten COVID-19 Under Control

The world’s most powerful nation has played whack-a-mole with the coronavirus, slowing its transmission in one place only for it to flare up somewhere else.

Top Health Officials Are Hitting The Brakes As Trump Rushes For An October Vaccine

"Some of the scientists have come to a point where they realize they have to speak out as a matter of life and death," said one expert.

The CDC Removed A New Guidance About Airborne Coronavirus Transmission Days After Posting It

"We need the public institutions to have a clear message based on science and not to be announcing something on Friday and pulling it out on Monday," said one scientist.

Two Pharma Companies Released Their Coronavirus Vaccine Blueprints In A Bid To Regain Public Trust

The disclosures from the two frontrunners, Pfizer and Moderna, come as public trust in a coronavirus vaccine is declining.

Trump Called The CDC Director’s Timeline For A Coronavirus Vaccine A “Mistake”

As the coronavirus vaccine is thrust into the center of the US presidential election, experts fear that public trust in the vaccine is taking a serious hit.

Wildfire Smoke Is Causing A New Public Health Crisis On The West Coast

The fires are likely already causing an upsurge in fatal heart attacks and hospitalizations for people with asthma — and it might also make people more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Hurricane Sally Hit The Gulf Coast With Storm Surges, Heavy Rain, And 100 MPH Winds

On Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center warned of “historic and catastrophic flooding” from the slow-moving storm.

Climate Scientists Have Warned It Was Coming, But Even They Are Freaked Out By The West Coast’s Inferno

“We have not reached the peak. In fact, no one knows where the peak is,” one expert said.

An FDA Deadline For Vape Shops Is Today. No One Knows What Comes Next.

“I worry it will be Armageddon for the vaping industry.”

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Was A Massive COVID-19 Superspreader Event, A New Study Claims

If the numbers stand up to subsequent analysis, the South Dakota rally would be the single biggest known superspreader event in the US coronavirus epidemic.

A Major Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Has Been Put On Hold

The trial, led by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, has been paused due to an "unexplained illness" in someone who received the vaccine.

The FBI Is Warning Scientists To Watch Out For “Suspicious” Packages

After COVID-19 researchers on the East Coast received a package containing an “unknown substance,” the University of Washington told 500 of its staff to be on alert.

COVID-19 Is Causing Heart Damage In Many Patients, Not Just Football Players

A Penn State official retracted saying a third of Big 10 football players with coronavirus infections had suffered heart injuries. But experts confirmed they are seeing heart muscle injuries in many patients.

COVID-19 Might Mean Humanity Has Entered An Age Of Pandemics, Tony Fauci Warned

“A deadly barrage” of pandemics is coming, a new report warns.

An NIH Panel Said There’s No Good Data To Show That Plasma Treats COVID, Contradicting Trump

Trump and the FDA chief rolled out the emergency authorization for plasma with great fanfare, to the alarm of many scientists. Now advisers to another arm of the administration, the NIH, have called the evidence for it “insufficient.”

She Claimed To Fight For Survivors Of Sexual Harassment In Science. But For Many, She Added To The Pain.

Neuroscientist BethAnn McLaughlin made headlines for posing on Twitter as an Indigenous professor she later said died of COVID. It was the culmination of a trail of abuse that has shaken a movement.

These Scientists Are Still Studying The World’s Most Controversial Drug, But They Can’t Find Enough People To Take It

Scientists launched clinical trials to see if a malaria drug could prevent COVID-19. What happened next shows how politicized and disorganized coronavirus research has become.

The H1N1 Vaccine Is A Cautionary Tale For The Coronavirus

The first lesson of any vaccination program? “You have to get people on board with getting the vaccine.”

The Republican National Convention Is Creating A False Coronavirus Fantasy

Melania Trump spoke to COVID-19’s devastation. But almost no one else at the RNC has.

The FDA Authorized The Use Of Convalescent Plasma To Treat COVID-19

Scientists say plasma collected from the blood of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may be beneficial, but rigorous trials have not yet proven that it’s an effective treatment.

Hurricane Laura Hit Louisiana With Extreme Winds And Storm Surge

Laura is the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in more than 160 years.

COVID Is Making Younger, Healthy People Debilitatingly Sick For Months. Now They’re Fighting For Recognition.

Across the globe, scores of COVID “long-haulers” have been fighting for doctors to believe and help them. On Friday, they finally got a meeting with the World Health Organization.

A Trump Ethics Board Just Voted To Block Most Fetal Tissue Research

“People may die unnecessarily because the administration has allowed an ideological special interest group to hijack biomedical research,” one expert said, citing the wide use of fetal cells in coronavirus vaccine research.

The "Plandemic" Sequel Is Here. We Give It Zero Stars.

Bloated, confused, and filled with nonsense, Plandemic: Indoctornation goes where so many sequels have gone before.

USPS Delays Are Causing People To Get Their Prescriptions Late

“A lot of people are getting hurt by this senseless act.”

The Right Wing Has A New Theory For Why The Pandemic Will End Soon: T Cells

Right-wing commentators and Trump’s new science adviser, Scott Atlas, say new studies signal good news for ending the pandemic. Scientists say that’s a dangerous leap.

Their Conservative Boss Said “Take Off Your Mask Or You Can Go Home.” Now They’re Getting Sick.

Five employees at a Texas real estate company told us what it’s like working for a right-wing conspiracy theorist boss who lashes out if they try to wear masks.

Coronavirus Testing In Hot Spot States Is Declining — And Nobody Knows Why. That’s Bad.

“I think we should be very concerned,” one epidemiologist in Texas said.

Convalescent Plasma Is Looking Like A Coronavirus Success Story

US hospitals are now treating around 1,500 patients a day with antibodies found in the blood of COVID-19 survivors.

The Truth Behind A Viral Picture Of A Reopening School Is Worse Than It Looked

An alarming photo of a hallway crowded by mostly maskless students in a Georgia high school raises issues with reopening schools all around the country.