Atlanta Mayor (And Possible Joe Biden VP Pick) Keisha Lance Bottoms Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Bottoms, who has gained national attention for her response to police killings, is in serious contention to be Joe Biden's running mate.

Bubba Wallace Called Out "Hate" From Trump After He Accused The NASCAR Driver Of A Noose "Hoax"

"Love should come naturally as people are taught to hate. Even when it's hate from the POTUS," Wallace, the only Black full-time driver on NASCAR's top circuit, tweeted.

More Than Three Years After The Standing Rock Protests, A Judge Ordered The Dakota Access Pipeline To Shut Down

A federal judge ruled the Trump administration violated federal law when it approved the pipeline without doing a full environmental study.

Kanye West Said He's Going To Run For President And The Reactions Are The Only Funny Thing About It

He announced via tweet.

Here's What Trump's Visit To Mount Rushmore Looked Like

Activists and members of different tribes from the region blocked the road as they protested Trump's visit to Keystone.

How A 4th Of July Meal Exposes The Coronavirus Risk For Thousands Of US Food Workers

Hundreds of workers may have contracted COVID-19 to get you the food on your plate this 4th of July. Some may have even died. A BuzzFeed News investigation exposes the cost of your BBQ.

The Trump Administration Is Set To Resume Executions In Two Weeks. There’s A Last-Ditch Effort To Stop It.

Federal death row inmates are asking a judge to intervene on new legal grounds after the US Supreme Court refused to get involved. The ACLU is also suing.

The Coronavirus Spread In A Dallas Megachurch’s Choir And Orchestra. Then It Hosted Mike Pence.

A group of First Baptist Dallas choir and orchestra members contracted COVID-19 in the lead-up to Vice President Mike Pence’s visit on Sunday. An infectious disease expert called it “appalling.”

Conservative Teens On TikTok Are Going Through Some Growing Pains

TikTok has given pro-Trump teens a platform to make memes — and get attention. But what happens when the news isn't funny anymore?

“The Squad” Is Raising Money To Fight For Progressive Candidates

The Squad Victory Fund will allow Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib to help raise money for their campaigns and other progressives.

Mueller Memos Part 8: More Revelations About What Witnesses Told Investigators About Trump And Russia

BuzzFeed News sued the FBI and the Department of Justice for access to the secret records used by special counsel Robert Mueller. Today, we are publishing the eighth installment of the FBI’s interview summaries with witnesses in the investigation.

The Supreme Court Struck Down An Anti-Abortion Law In Louisiana In Its First Major Abortion Case Under Trump

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutional right to abortion Monday, rejecting a state’s attempts to limit access to the procedure for the second time in four years.

Democrats Won't Let Republicans Speak In Coronavirus Hearings If They Don’t Wear Masks

“We’re not going to have another meeting in a confined space if we’re not going to abide by this,” Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn told Republicans.

There Are 93 US Attorneys. Seven Are Women And Only Two Are Black.

Audrey Strauss, now in charge of the US attorney’s office in Manhattan, is one of a small number of US attorneys nationwide who are women or BIPOC.

Joe Biden Says 35% Of His Campaign Staffers Are People Of Color

After questions last week, the presumptive nominee released overall statistics about the makeup of his campaign, including consultants in their senior staff statistic.

Most Of Gen Z Leans Left, But Their First Member Of Congress Will Probably Be Way To The Right

Madison Cawthorn, a 24-year-old Republican candidate in North Carolina, spoke with BuzzFeed News about age comparisons to AOC and his desire for Confederate statues to come down because “these people seceded from our country.”

Trump's Visa Ban Has Sent Foreign Workers And Families In A Panic: "We Don't Know What Else To Do"

“I was devastated. We never imagined this would occur."

People Spent Thousands To Go On A Cruise With Glenn Beck. Now They Can’t Get Their Money Back.

Customers and conservative media fans have spent months in limbo after a planned “Cruise Thru History” was scuttled by the coronavirus.

Almost 17,000 Protesters Had No Idea A Tech Company Was Tracing Their Location

Data company Mobilewalla used cellphone information to estimate the demographics of protesters. Sen. Elizabeth Warren says it’s “shady” and concerning.

Attorney General Bill Barr Is Facing A Rare Public Revolt From Within His Own Department

“I can’t think of any precedent for this,” one former US attorney said.

The CDC Lost Control Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Then The Agency Disappeared.

The world’s premier health agency pushed a flawed coronavirus containment strategy — until it disappeared from public view one day before the outbreak was declared a pandemic.

A Judge Blocked The Deportation Of A 16-Year-Old Boy Who Claims Trump Is Using The Coronavirus As An Excuse

Attorneys say the Honduran boy is trying to join his father in the US after witnessing a murder and then being threatened by a gang.

A Black Progressive Beat A 16-Term Democrat In A Heated New York Congressional Primary

The win by Jamaal Bowman, an educator in the Bronx, over Eliot Engel, a 16-term member of Congress, is a signal victory for progressives.

The Courts Say Sex Discrimination Laws Protect Trans People, But Trump May Use Religious Exemptions To Get Around Them

LGBTQ activists may have already won the battle over what sex discrimination laws mean, but now they expect the Trump administration to weaken the laws with religious freedom exemptions.

The DC Circuit Is Forcing A Judge To Dismiss The Criminal Case Against Trump's Ally Michael Flynn

The Justice Department asked a judge to dismiss Flynn's case after a new review of evidence was ordered by Attorney General Bill Barr.

How Diverse Is Joe Biden’s 2020 Staff? His Campaign Won’t Say.

During a national reckoning over racism and inclusion, the campaign is breaking with recent Democratic tradition by keeping its diversity numbers private.

The Black Lives Matter Protests Have Taught Us More About The Coronavirus

Even though hundreds of thousands of protesters and police crowded onto the streets, overall social distancing actually strengthened in big cities with major protests.

Boompilled: Fireworks Conspiracy Theories Are Bursting Across The Internet

There's no evidence that the fireworks lighting up US cities are caused by anything other than oversupply and understimulation. That hasn't stopped the conspiracies.

New York Police Will Start Sting Operations Against Illegal Fireworks

Activists are calling to defund the police, but New York City is doubling down on aggressively policing fireworks.

A Judge Ruled The Trump Administration Must Face A Lawsuit Over Denying Coronavirus Checks To Undocumented Parents

US citizen children filed a lawsuit after Congress restricted CARES Act relief money to individuals with Social Security numbers, excluding undocumented immigrants.