Here’s How Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Newest Supreme Court Nominee, Has Ruled On Abortion, Immigration, And Policing

Barrett has consistently sided with her fellow Republican appointees on the bench.

Trump Nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett For Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat On The Supreme Court

Barrett’s opposition to abortion is expected to play a major role in the fight over her nomination.

America’s “Patchwork Pandemic” Is Why We Haven’t Gotten COVID-19 Under Control

The world’s most powerful nation has played whack-a-mole with the coronavirus, slowing its transmission in one place only for it to flare up somewhere else.

Women Detained By ICE Told Members Of Congress They Underwent Unwanted Medical Procedures

"If you are going to take a blade to a woman's body then you need to have informed consent otherwise it is an assault to that woman."

Putin Asked Trump For A Mutual Ban On Election Interference. The White House Said Russia Should Stop Its Ongoing Meddling First.

“A good starting point for discussion would be Russia discontinuing its ongoing meddling with the US election,” a senior Trump administration official told BuzzFeed News.

Pennsylvania’s “Naked Ballot” Problem Is Spooking Elections Officials

Tens of thousands of ballots could be thrown out after a new court order in a state that was decided by fewer than 45,000 votes in 2016.

A Temp Worker Incorrectly Threw A Few Military Ballots Into The Trash In One Pennsylvania County, Officials Said

Of the nine ballots that were recovered, seven included votes for President Donald Trump — information election experts said was inappropriate to release.

A Congressional Oversight Committee Found That ICE Detainees Died After Receiving Poor Medical Care

“While the medical examiner ruled the cause of death ‘undetermined,’ the complete lack of medical leadership, supervision and care that this detainee was exposed to is simply astonishing," the report states.

A Very Confusing Trip To Minnesota That Sums Up A Very Confusing Presidential Campaign

For all the talk of a constantly shifting election, my trip to Minnesota showed how things may not be changing much. Voters know what they care about, and their minds are made up.

Top Health Officials Are Hitting The Brakes As Trump Rushes For An October Vaccine

"Some of the scientists have come to a point where they realize they have to speak out as a matter of life and death," said one expert.

President Trump Finally Laid Out His Healthcare Plan. It Doesn’t Do Anything.

Trump will promise to protect people with preexisting conditions and end surprise medical billing Thursday, but his plan doesn’t actually do either. HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the plan “is what it is.”

A Russian Billionaire With Close Ties To Putin Made Suspicious Payments To Nobu

The high-end sushi empire received $600,000 as part of a deal with Aras Agalarov, a friend of President Donald Trump's.

Trump Says He Won't Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power If He Loses

"We'll see what happens."

The US Says Alexander Lukashenko Is Not The Legitimate President Of Belarus

The State Department said Lukashenko's Aug. 9 victory was "fraudulent" as protests across the country continue.

How To Find A Company That Barely Even Exists

A $27.1 million shipment of fluorescent lamps. A bogus website. Elusive owners. A FinCEN Files detective story.

The Victims Of Violence During The Kenosha Protests Are Suing Facebook

Citing a law that dates from the Reconstruction era, four people, including the partner of a man killed during the protests, are taking the company to court.

Republicans’ Hunter Biden Report Is Filled With Old, Unsubstantiated Allegations And Debunked Theories

The 87-page report relies on previously known information, controversial news articles, and right-wing columnists to prop up already debunked allegations.

A Powerful Lawmaker Is Asking The British Government Hard Questions About The FinCEN Files Revelations

The FinCEN Files investigation showed the US government describing Britain as a “ < href="https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54204053" target="_blank">higher-risk jurisdiction” for money laundering.

Looking For A Big American Ideal At The End Of The Pandemic Summer

The weird pandemic summer is over. What's the big idea in America this fall?

Volunteers Are Coming Out In Droves To Support Planned Parenthood After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death

Planned Parenthood and other reproductive rights groups are mobilizing droves of new volunteers and running TV ads to elect Democrats after Ginsburg’s death.

The Banker Was A Spy

The Russian bank VEB has long operated in the United States — despite dozens of suspicious activity reports outlining concerns that it was a threat to national security. A FinCEN Files investigation.

Americans Overseas Say Trying To Vote In This Year’s Election Is A “Massive Shitshow”

Some 2.9 million Americans who are eligible to vote live abroad. More than 20 of them living in 11 countries told BuzzFeed News about the lengths they are going to in order to vote in November.

Mitt Romney Supports Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg Before the Election

Republicans are now almost guaranteed enough votes to replace the late justice before Nov. 3.

8 Women On Why They Went To The Supreme Court Vigils After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death

In the days since the justice's death, people have placed flowers and candles outside the Supreme Court building.

Republicans Say They'll Vote On Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Even If He Loses The Election

“Let’s be honest here. There’s a Republican majority in the Senate with a Republican president. The Democrats would do the same thing.”

Julián Castro Now Says Democrats Should Consider Court-Packing

The former presidential candidate also told BuzzFeed News that he thinks Biden and his campaign “understand they have work to do” to build Latino support.

His Victory Was Major For Progressives. Now He Wants To Keep It Going By Expanding The Supreme Court.

Progressive candidate Mondaire Jones wants Democrats to add four new justices to the Supreme Court. “This is a constitutional crisis that has existed for years now.”

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Want Big Banking Reforms Following The FinCEN Files Investigations

Warren called for the creation of a new unit in the US Treasury Department, separate from FinCEN, “to investigate these types of financial crimes.”

Trump’s Swift Push To Replace Justice Ginsburg Has Democrats Rallying Around Court-Packing

The Supreme Court has had nine justices for 151 years. Liberals see adding seats as one of their few options to counter a potential 6–3 conservative majority.

The CDC Removed A New Guidance About Airborne Coronavirus Transmission Days After Posting It

"We need the public institutions to have a clear message based on science and not to be announcing something on Friday and pulling it out on Monday," said one scientist.