Amazon Just Released A Ring Camera That Flies Around Your House

It also released a new Ring car alarm, a car cam to monitor break-ins, a new version of the Echo, and more.

Parents Who Work In Childcare Are Trapped In An Unsustainable System

Childcare programs are closing nationwide, many parents can’t afford care, and those who work in the industry hardly earn enough to make the job worth doing.

Savings Gone Due To Coronavirus? We Want To Hear From You.

Years of careful financial planning might not mean much right now. BuzzFeed News wants to hear from you.

The World Is Burning. Apple Released New Watches, iPads, And A Fitness Service Today.

There's also a service bundle called Apple One that lets you get all Apple services for a flat fee.

Parents Who Double As Essential Workers Are Struggling More Than Ever. Here Are Their Stories.

Parents who continue in-person work through the pandemic have a bleak choice: risk exposing your family to the coronavirus, or face financial devastation.

Your Stance On These 15 Indian Ice Cream Flavours Will Reveal Your Age With 99.9% Accuracy

Do you like paan ice cream?

Activists Are Demanding Facebook Suspend An Indian Executive Who Shielded Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

“I don’t know what the damn problem is at Facebook with anti-Muslim hate, but I would just say at this point that they don’t seem to care.”

A Facebook Executive Who Shared An Anti-Muslim Post Has Apologized To Employees

Ankhi Das expressed regret in an internal Facebook post — but some Muslim employees think the company needs to go further.

Scammers Are Using Facebook To Prey On People In Kenya

The social media platform has allowed millions of Kenyans to be exposed to fraud — and seems powerless to stop it.

Solidcore Employees Alleged Their CEO Created A Toxic Culture. Now They're Calling For Her To Step Down.

A group of Solidcore coaches launched a petition calling for Anne Mahlum to resign or be removed by the company's board after a BuzzFeed News article detailing allegations of verbal abuse and sexual harassment.

A Facebook Executive Protected Hate Speech In India. Now She Wants Police Protection.

Ankhi Das reportedly protected right-wing politicians from punishment for violating the social network’s rules — and is now facing death threats.

With Evictions Set To Resume, More Than 1 Million Californians Are Missing Unemployment Payments

Decades of stagnation and complacency at California’s labor department has left it poorly equipped to handle the state's unemployment crisis.

Their Conservative Boss Said “Take Off Your Mask Or You Can Go Home.” Now They’re Getting Sick.

Five employees at a Texas real estate company told us what it’s like working for a right-wing conspiracy theorist boss who lashes out if they try to wear masks.

One California Lululemon Store Shows How Difficult It Can Be For Retail Workers In The Pandemic

Facing uncooperative customers and what they say are unrealistic cleaning expectations, California Lululemon employees are highlighting the toll the pandemic is taking on retail workers.

The CEO Of Kids Clothing Company Hanna Andersson Has Resigned After Diversity Complaints From Staff

Mike Edwards' resignation comes after BuzzFeed News reported on concerns among staff about diversity problems at the popular children's clothing company.

President Donald Trump

Twitter Is Locking People Fact-Checking Trump Out Of Their Accounts

The people are not trying to spread coronavirus misinformation — but to fight against it.

Main Street Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes — And No One Seems To Be Able To Save It

PPP loans were supposed to be a lifeline for small businesses during lockdown. But as the pandemic drags on, small business owners say they're not getting support.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Instacart Customers’ Personal Data Is Being Sold Online

Names, credit card data, addresses, and information on transactions as recent as yesterday are being sold online.

Joe Biden, Elon Musk, And Barack Obama's Twitter Accounts Were Hacked In A Bitcoin Scam

Hackers took over some of Twitter's biggest accounts to solicit bitcoin on Wednesday.

Amazon Said Its Memo Forcing Employees To Delete The TikTok App Was An "Error"

Citing "security risks," the company had said TikTok must be deleted for Amazon employees to access their work email accounts.

Zoom Is Fighting Rumors In India That It's A Chinese Company

Following the Indian government's ban of 59 apps owned by Chinese companies, the video app company is reminding people it's American.

Facebook Said It “Stands Firmly Against Hate.” It Still Ran A White Nationalist Ad.

For four days in July, Facebook ran an ad from a page called “White Wellbeing Australia.”

Michaela Coel Turning Down A $1 Million Netflix Deal Is A Prime Example Of Knowing Your Self-Worth

"I finally realized I'm not crazy — this is crazy."

New York's Attorney General Ordered The Black Lives Matter Foundation To Stop Collecting Money

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation into donor confusion between the California-based foundation and the Black Lives Matter movement, authorities are stepping in.

Money Is Tight Right Now. Here’s How 9 People Are Getting By.

From a mechanic whose six-figure salary has been halved to a hairstylist who has lost her home, readers across the US gave us a look at their financial reality.

India Just Banned TikTok

The government ordered 59 Chinese-owned apps to be blocked following border clashes with China that left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

Here Are The Things You Need To Know From Apple's Big June Event

Shiny new updates for your shiny Apple toys.

Facebook Is Suing Two Developers It Says Sold Fake Likes And Scraped User Data

It’s the latest example of Facebook suing people it says have abused its platform.

The Trump Administration Will Soon Deny Work Permits For Asylum-Seekers Who Enter The US Without Authorization

The policy will also block work permits for asylum-seekers who do not file for protections within one year of arrival in the US.

Thousands Of Gig Workers Can’t Make A Living Unless They Install A Controversial Contact Tracing App First

Workers say the platforms are exploiting them by making it mandatory to install the Indian government's contact tracing app.