Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Deliciously moist with a few surprise ingredients, you have to try these strawberry lemonade cupcakes! It’s like taking a bite out of summer.



Box of strawberry cake mix (plus milk eggs and oil, as indicated on the box)
1/2 packet Jell-O vanilla pudding mix
2 tsp strawberry Kool-Aid drink mix

12 oz . Philadelphia Cream Cheese softened (1 1/2 packages)
1 cup powdered sugar
2 Tbsp heavy cream
1 t packet lemonade Kool-Aid drink mix (you won’ be using the whole packet start with about 1/2 tsp and adjust from there after tasting)
Yellow food coloring optional
16 oz . Cool Whip frozen topping thawed
Fresh strawberries sliced, for decoration
Lemon rind for decoration
Strawberry licorice twist cut into 3″ sections, for decoration
Yellow decorating sugar optional, for decoration


  1. Look at your cake mix box and preheat to suggested temperature written in the directions.
  2. Add the dry mix to the bowl of a stand mixer, then follow instructions on the cake mix box (remembering to substitute milk or buttermilk for the water, and adding an extra egg). Pour in the vanilla pudding mix and strawberry Kool-Aid mix. Beat until combined.
  3. Visit for full directions.

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